APPARITION… From Fear to Horror.


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It was the year of 1949 when in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, during a time called “The Cotton Age”, which made this place one of the most prolific in Mexico. A series of events with an air of suspense and drama took place at that time, in a house located next to the well-known “House of all the Gods”, name given to the cemetery, located at the end of Thirteen Street in the center of the city. A birth was the beginning of numerous paranormal mysteries… ABIGAIL became a victim of sorcery and occultism, which made her part of the APPARITION: a group of ghosts that arouse horror.

CAPTIVATING, MYSTERIOUS AND ENIGMATIC, APPARITION 1 tries to portray the style of oral tradition in Mexico, a country where great celebration is held to honor death.

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The author Yasmin Diaz Sánchez, is a professional in Public Relations and Spanish, with a postgraduate degree in Communication and Reading Skills. Winner of the Medal of Poetry to the Sea and First Place in the story category of the Masters with Art contest in Tamaulipas. Her most recent literary work, the book of poetic inspiration titled Musas de Hispanoamérica, from 2016.



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